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How to balance the operation of enamel reactor?

How to adjust the operation of enamel reactor?

The enamel reactor is a composite product made of glass containing high silicon dioxide, which is lined on the inner surface of the steel container, and then firmly adhered to the metal surface after high temperature burning. So how to balance the enamel reactor?

1. The cooling temperature of enamel reactor shall be gradually cycled.

In the whole process of long-term operation of the reaction tank, the temperature rise of the reactor body is an effective condition. However, if the temperature rises to the rated temperature, it will cause harm to the raw materials. In this case, the refrigeration system installed in the reaction tank will immediately perform the cooling function under the action of manual maintenance and adjustment. In addition, we would like to remind you that during the whole cooling process, we should pay attention to the following points, and pay attention to the asymptotic behavior of the circulating system to prevent temperature difference.

2. The output of raw materials shall be within the effective range.

The production of raw materials is also harmful to the temperature change of enamel reactor. The higher the raw material output, the higher the reaction tank temperature. It is still indicated here that the temperature of the reaction tank does not exceed the physical temperature within the specified time due to the excessive amount of raw materials. This is not urgent. This is normal.

3. The startup speed shall not be too fast.

In the whole application process of enamel reactor, there are usually many operators at that time who are eager to succeed. When the machinery and equipment start to work soon, they will turn the machinery and equipment into a great value. In fact, it is not worth choosing this behavior. When the mechanical equipment is shut down, the stirring centrifugal impeller is suddenly added to reflect the raw materials, resulting in the operation of the human body. According to such things, the mixing device of the reaction tank is easy to overturn. If there is no artificial overturning at that time, the mixing device will be deformed. In addition to deformation, it will also cause the rapid rise of body temperature and the destruction of physical properties.

The above is the main content of this issue. I hope you will have a more thorough understanding of enamel reactor.