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How should glass lining be heated

What medium is used for glass lining heating? The common ones are water heating, steam heating, electric heating, heat transfer oil heating. What heat transfer oil is used for heat transfer oil heating? Under what conditions are several heating modes used? Now let’s talk about how to heat the autoclave.

1、 Steam heating, as the name suggests, is to use the steam of thermal evaporation to heat the equipment. The case of steam heating for reactor heating is generally applicable to the case with large temperature control range. For example, if the product is easy to precipitate at low temperature, steam heating can be turned on slightly. When steam heating, the temperature of reactor is not so easy to control. However, after heating with steam, the steam in the jacket turns into water, which is easy to empty, so as to facilitate the cooling of circulating refrigerant in the jacket. Steam heating is selected for cleaning the reactor, which is convenient. Generally, steam heating (which will be divided into low pressure and high pressure, which will be discussed later) is considered for reactions above 100 degrees, while water heating is generally recommended for reactions below 100 degrees. One thing to note about steam heating is how to heat evenly.

2、 Different from steam heating, if the heat transfer oil is heated, it can heat the reactor evenly and control the temperature constantly. The materials of heat transfer oil are silicone oil and base silicone oil, and Mobil’s high-temperature heat transfer oil is also good. It can be used at about 200 degrees. By the way, it should also be mentioned that although the electric heating mode has high heating efficiency and fast speed, its energy consumption is too serious.