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High Quality Enamel Reactor

High Quality Enamel Reactor
High Quality Enamel Reactor

The cylinder of Enamel Reactor is the theme of the whole container. The cylinder is generally rolled and welded with steel with better material. The steel plate is subjected to plastic deformation after repeated rolling and stress on the plate bending machine. The outer fiber is elongated and the inner fiber distance is shortened to form a cylinder.

The properties of metal materials of Enamel Reactor are particularly important. If the metal material has good plasticity, thin plate and large bending radius, cold bending can be adopted at room temperature; For some cylinders with poor plasticity of metal materials, thick plates and small bending radius, cracks may occur during cold bending, and they are generally bent after heating.

According to the previous stress analysis, the circumferential tensile stress of the cylinder is twice as large as the axial tensile stress. Therefore, the longitudinal weld of the cylinder can be polished only after strict inspection. For the large cylinder structure, it is used for seamless splicing and welding of several plates due to the limitation of plate size. In addition to the internal pressure, some high towers also receive the external wind load and seismic load. Therefore, the requirements for circumferential welds cannot be reduced.

The general Enamel Reactor cylinder has some common specifications, i.e. the established radius selection, so as to minimize the types of molds of the head. Customization within the standard has high reliability. These equipment have been tested in practical production. If customized non-standard, the reliability of some performance needs to be tested.

The cylinder manufacturing process of Enamel Reactor is simple. In fact, there are many internal details. Only by doing a good job in each detail can we ensure the reliability of the equipment, and high-quality equipment can stand a foundation in the market.