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Analysis on the development of temperature control system for reactor

Heating process of steam heating reactor

Heating process of steam heating reactor

High temperature reactors need to work at high temperature when carrying out chemical and chemical reactions. According to different reactor performance, the heating methods also include water heating, hot steam heating, other medium heating, electric heating and so on.

1. Water heating: it can be used when the temperature is not high. The heating system is divided into open type and closed type. The open type is the simplest. It is composed of circulating pump, water tank, pipeline and regulator of control valve. When high-pressure water is used, the mechanical strength of the equipment is high, the outer surface of the reactor is welded with snake tube, and there is a gap between the snake tube and the reactor wall, resulting in increased thermal resistance and reduced heat transfer effect of the reactor.

2. Hot steam heating; When the heating temperature of the reactor is below 100 ℃, steam below atmospheric pressure can be used for heating: saturated steam is used in the range of 100-180 ℃. When the temperature of the reaction sign is higher, high-pressure superheated steam can be used.

3. The reactor is heated with other media; If the technology requires that the reaction must be operated at high temperature, or if you want to avoid the use of high-pressure heating system, you can use other media to replace water and steam, such as mineral oil (275 300 ℃), jasmine mixture (boiling point 258 ℃), molten salt (140540 ℃), liquid lead (melting point 327 ℃), etc.

4. Electric heating of new reactor; The resistance wire is wound on the insulating layer of the reaction vessel or installed on a special insulator at a certain distance from the reactor, so a small space gap is formed between the resistance wire and the metal body of the reactor. When the first three methods are used to obtain high temperature, a jacket needs to be added on the Weng body. Due to the large range of temperature change, the incoming sleeve and shell of the kettle bear the temperature change and produce temperature difference stress. Electric heating is adopted, the equipment is light and simple, and the temperature is easy to adjust. At the same time, facilities such as, furnace and chimney are not required.