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Design of continuous operation glass lined reactor

Glass lined reactor

Glass lined reactor
Glass lined reactor

Technical specification for glass lined reactor

1. Operating pressure: 0.2 — 0.6MPa

2. Acid resistance: it has good corrosion resistance to various organic acids, inorganic acids and organic solvents.

3. Alkali resistance: the glass lined reactor has poor corrosion resistance to alkaline solution than acid solution. It is not applicable to strong alkali and phosphoric acid with temperature greater than 180 ℃ and concentration greater than 30%.

4. Operating temperature: the heating and cooling of glass lined reactor equipment shall be carried out slowly. The operating temperature of the glass lined equipment manufactured by our factory is 0-200 ℃, and the temperature resistance is ≥ 200 ℃.

5. Porcelain layer thickness: the porcelain layer thickness of glass lined reactor equipment is 0.8-2.0mm, and the porcelain layer thickness of glass lined reactor equipment accessories is 0.6-1.8mm.

6. Withstand voltage: the enamel has excellent insulation. When the enamel uses 20kV high-frequency spark to check the porcelain layer within the regular thickness, the high-frequency spark cannot break through the porcelain layer.

7. Impact resistance: the smaller the internal stress of the glass layer, the better the elasticity, the greater the hardness, and the higher the flexural and compressive strength, the better the impact resistance. When the glass layer of our factory is impacted by a steel ball with a diameter of 30mm and a weight of 112G within the regular thickness, the impact energy is 282 × 10-3j (excellent product target: 260) × 10-3J)。

8. How to prevent the falling of porcelain layer and the remolding of glass lining: we should prevent sensation and external force impact in the process of transportation, and do not participate in particulate matter in application. Even if you participate, it is best not to mix, so as to avoid the damage of porcelain surface.