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Glass lined disc-typed condenser

Glass lined disc-typed condenser
Glass lined disc-typed condenser

The glass lined disc condenser can be generally divided into P1 type and P0 type according to the model Type 5 is available in two models. Condensation area P0 Type 5, each piece is 0.5 square meters, and the outer diameter of the equipment is 700mm. The condensation area is P1 type, each piece of condensation is 1m2, and the outer diameter of the equipment is 960mm. The finalized specification is 1.5-15m2 series, which can be selected according to the required condensation amount.

Advantages of glass lined disc condenser

1. Small size, light weight and compact structure. A P1 type glass lined plate condenser with a condensation area of 10 square meters is only 960kg full of cooling water.

2. Compared with glass lined sleeve condenser and graphite heat exchanger with the same area, the condensation efficiency of this equipment can be increased by 1-2 times.

3. Insulation. The glass layer is qualified only if it is non-conductive after 20kV high voltage test;

4. After a certain service life, if any parts are damaged, they can be partially replaced or reduced, and the whole machine will not be scrapped or stopped. Greatly prolong the service life of the whole machine.

5. The condensation of hot gas flow is exchanged through the reverse phase flow of hot gas flow and cooling water. The spacing between sheets is small and uniform; The medium diffuses repeatedly and converges, which effectively improves the condensation efficiency and eliminates the leakage of air flow. Generally, tap water can be used as condensate to achieve good condensation effect. If necessary, the cooling water can be sent in and out in layers and parallel, which can also greatly improve the condensation efficiency.