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Correct operation of enamel reaction tank during operation

Correct operation of enamel reaction tank during operation

Enamel reaction tank is an expensive industrial product, which is used in a wide range of industries. Regular maintenance is essential, but under the premise, only correct operation can make it give full play to its great production value. Today, Xiaobian will take you to learn the correct operation method in detail.

1. Before using the enamel reaction tank, it is necessary to carefully check whether the pipes and valves meet the feeding conditions. If they do not meet the conditions, they cannot be fed. They can be used only after they meet the conditions. This is a common sense problem. I hope you don’t violate it!

2. The daily inspection is mainly to inspect the reducer, mixing motor and mechanical seal, mainly to check whether they can work normally and whether there are abnormalities. In addition, pay attention to check whether the oil level of the reducer is appropriate and whether the cooling water supply of the mechanical seal is normal.

3. Before feeding materials, check whether there is any abnormality. The feeding amount shall be put in accordance with the regulations, and then start when everything is OK.

4. When using enamel reaction tank, it should be used in strict accordance with the correct operation process. In addition, it is necessary to pay close attention to the temperature and pressure in the reaction tank. It is strictly prohibited to use over temperature and pressure!

5. During the operation of enamel reaction tank, regular patrol inspection is required to ensure that the problems found can be handled in time.

6. If overtemperature is found, the correct solution is to use water to cool down and wait until the temperature drops to meet the process requirements before reuse.

7. Some enamel reaction tanks will have overpressure. If it happens, open the vent valve immediately for emergency pressure relief.

8. Stop co operation due to accidents, such as power failure, and stop feeding immediately. Then open the vent valve and cool it with water. For regular shutdown, clean the residual liquid in the kettle, and close the bottom valve, feed valve, steam inlet valve, discharge valve, etc.

We can refer to the above methods when using enamel reaction tank. Only by mastering the correct operation methods can we better improve the production efficiency, reduce equipment damage and prolong the service life of the equipment.