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Carbonization treatment technology of glass lined reaction tank

Carbonization treatment technology of glass lined reaction tank
Carbonization treatment technology of glass lined reaction tank

Glass lined reaction tank is a good anti-corrosion equipment. As we all know, its equipment manufacturing is a composite product that lining the glass containing high silica on the inner surface of the steel container, and then burning at high temperature to firmly adhere to the metal surface. Some other technologies will be used here, among which carbonization treatment technology is one. However, in order to facilitate the public to understand, we will need to understand its treatment technology.

At present, since all the problems are caused by the liquid reflecting the precipitation of raw materials to the bottom of glass lined reaction tank, the key solution is to prevent precipitation even if there is no mixing or mixing; In this way, we can keep the bottom of the auxiliary reaction tank according to the addition of an auxiliary reaction tank. Note that the bottom of the auxiliary glass lined reaction tank is slightly higher than the actual one, leaving a gap of about 3 to 12 cm; In this way, the liquid product will precipitate on the auxiliary reaction bottom, and it is not easy to produce thermal insulation material on the actual reaction bottom.

In short, the thermal convection effect between the voids at the bottom of the glass lined reaction tank will be continuous and symmetrical, and the auxiliary reaction tank bottom is made of high toughness stainless steel plate, which contains many small round holes with a diameter slightly smaller than the particle size of the raw materials, and then cut this kind of stainless steel screen into a ring; At this time, the edge is bent downward as a support point. When the liquid reflects that the load of raw materials is too heavy, a metal ring can be added under the auxiliary bottom as a support plate.

The above is a detailed introduction to the carbonization treatment technology of glass lined reaction tank. According to the introduction, we can have a clearer understanding of the operation of the technology, so as to facilitate the user’s understanding and operation, so as to achieve the user’s satisfactory use efficiency.