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Adhesion between enamel and metal in glass lined mixing kett

Application of multifunctional glass lined extraction tank

هيكل الزجاج اصطف مفاعل

Extraction tank is a common leaching and extraction equipment in pharmaceutical and chemical industry, especially suitable for the leaching and extraction of components contained in plant products. The structure has a tank body, the screw propeller or propeller of the axial position device in the tank body is connected with the rotating shaft disc outside the tank body, which is characterized in that it has a group of inclined continuous countercurrent leaching and extraction single tanks, and the discharge port and feed port are connected to form a connector. The upper part of the low end of each single tank body is provided with a feed port, the lower part is provided with a residual liquid discharge outlet, and the upper part of the high end of the tank body is provided with a liquid inlet or exhaust port, The lower part is provided with a discharge port.

The dynamic extraction tank is mainly used for decocting and extracting traditional Chinese medicine in the state of stirring with water living organic solvent as the medium, live heat reflux extraction and other technological processes. In the process of extraction, the volatile oil can be recovered at the same time. The extraction tank has high extraction efficiency for the effective components of a large number of medicinal materials: it saves energy, extracts the effective components more fully, and the drug concentration of the extraction solution is higher. Working principle: the whole extraction process of the equipment is completed in a closed recyclable system. It can be extracted under normal pressure or with low pressure. Whether it is water extraction, alcohol extraction, oil extraction or other purposes, the specific process requirements are cut out by the traditional Chinese medicine factory according to the drug performance requirements.