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Analysis on the development of temperature control system for reactor

Analysis on the development of temperature control system for reactor

Formation and structure of glass layer in glass lined reactor equipment

With the continuous development of chemical process and chemical equipment technology, automation technology has also developed rapidly. With the development of society, factories put forward higher requirements for production and production stability. With the development of modern technology, more stringent requirements are put forward in terms of temperature control and automation technology. In addition, the increasingly fierce market competition requires the factory to strive to improve the technical level of automation. At the same time, the arrival of information technology has promoted the development of chemical automation technology in a new direction and made it more diversified. The effectiveness of reactor temperature control will become an important technical index in the future development of chemical automation. The effects of different control methods in actual production should also be scientifically evaluated.

1、 With the support of fieldbus control technology, computer technology and artificial intelligence technology, the reactor temperature control can achieve good control effect.

2、 In practical application, the parameters of the reactor are constantly changing. In the future development of chemical automation, it is necessary to ensure the stability of the reactor temperature control system, so that it can coordinate with the system speed.

3、 It is necessary to consider using PID control, predictive control, fuzzy control and other methods to improve the use function of the temperature control system and optimize the working performance of the reaction device