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Analysis of porcelain explosion and scale explosion in glass lined reactor

Reason of porcelain explosion and scale explosion in glass lined reactor

Analysis of porcelain explosion and scale explosion in glass lined reactor

Many users of Zibo enamel equipment have heard of the scale explosion of the equipment and even encountered this kind of situation, which is caused by the fact that you did not select a good regular manufacturer or improper use when purchasing the equipment. The following analysis is made for the enamel scale explosion phenomenon of glass lined reaction kettle:

During the firing of enamel equipment, water reacts with iron or water reacts with cementite at the interface between the enamel layer and the steel plate, and the replaced hydrogen permeates into the enamel layer on the one hand, and diffuses into the steel plate on the other. In the subsequent process, the enamel layer solidifies. The enamel layer is mainly a continuous grid composed of mixed polyhedrons. The regularity of the enamel layer network is between crystalline and amorphous, belonging to a sub regular continuous network structure. Due to this special structure, it is difficult for hydrogen to diffuse through the enamel layer.

With the decrease of temperature, the solubility of hydrogen in the billet of glass lined reactor equipment decreases to the supersaturated state, resulting in the accumulation of hydrogen in the form of gas between the steel plate and the enamel layer. When the pressure of hydrogen gas accumulates sufficiently, it will break through the enamel equipment and cause scale explosion. Some enamel scale explosions only bounce off the surface glaze to expose the bottom glaze. Some scale explosions bounce off the bottom glaze and the surface glaze together to expose the white metal surface. This is the reason for the enamel scale explosion in the glass lined reaction kettle.

We further analyzed the source of hydrogen. There are two main ways to generate hydrogen in enamel equipment:

First, the hydrogen content in the billet after refining is relatively low, especially in the annealed steel plate.

The other way is mainly the hydrogen produced by the equipment during the enameling process, and the latter way is also the main source of hydrogen causing the scale explosion of the glass lined reactor equipment.

This is directly related to the production process and equipment of glass lined reaction kettle. The immature process and backward production equipment make the replacement reaction between water and iron in the equipment during the enameling process violent, resulting in a large amount of hydrogen. The sources of water include some grinding additive crystal water and steam of furnace gas. At present, many small glass lined equipment manufacturers have backward processes and equipment, resulting in poor quality of their production equipment, Production cannot be guaranteed.