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Maintenance of electric heating reactor

Accident treatment of glass lined reactor

Bardak mühürlenmiş tepki tank ının anahtar noktaları

The reaction raw materials put into the glass lined reactor are mostly high-temperature, high-pressure, flammable and explosive media. If the operation is improper or the equipment leaks, it will lead to incalculable losses. Attention must be paid to the correct use of the reaction tank and the treatment of emergencies. Here are several accident treatment methods:

1. In case of overpressure, immediately open the vent valve for emergency pressure relief.

2. In case of Overtemperature of glass lined reactor, use water to cool down immediately, but do not use water with too low temperature to cool down. The temperature after cooling meets the process requirements.

3. In case of power failure or power failure during feeding, stop feeding immediately and open the vent valve. For long-term shutdown, the residual liquid in the kettle shall be cleaned and cleaned, and the feed valve, steam inlet valve, bottom valve and discharge valve shall be closed.

4. The blocked discharge of condensate causes serious arch deformation of the reactor. Take emergency measures to discharge condensate. If it is still ineffective, take emergency measures to stop the reaction.

The above are the emergency treatment methods for accidents in the use of several glass lined reactors. Of course, it is more important to mix and add materials according to the process regulations, improve the management rules and regulations of the equipment, and do a good job in pre job training for operators to prevent accidents.