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The basic situation of stainless steel reactor

Stainless steel reactor can not only play a chemical reaction process container, there are also fluid flow, material heat transfer, mass transfer, mixing and other physical mass transfer process. In the face of different reactants, there are different situations: for gas-liquid reaction, the reaction rate in the temperature and concentration, but also with the size of the phase interface and the diffusion rate between the phases. For gas-solid reactions, no matter under what conditions, the gas-phase components must first diffuse onto the surface of the solid catalyst, and then carry out the chemical reaction on the catalyst surface. The chemical reaction process is the essential process of reactor work.


Due to the chemical reaction of many types of raw materials, the reaction process is also very complex, the requirements of the reaction products are also different, in order to meet the requirements of different reactions, stainless steel reaction kettle structure type and size size is also a variety of ways to operate and operating conditions are also different. Such as intermittent operation of the reactor, the raw material is a one-time addition; and continuous operation of the reactor, the raw material is continuously added. Different structural forms and sizes of reaction kettle and different operating conditions and methods, will certainly affect the fluid flow state and material heat transfer, mass transfer and mixing and other transfer processes. The transfer process is necessary to realize the reaction process, so the reaction kettle process is based on chemical kinetics of the reaction process and heat transfer, mass transfer, momentum transfer as the basic content of the transfer process, at the same time, interaction, mutual influence of the complex process.

Stainless steel reaction kettle's main role: is to provide a reaction place, and maintain certain conditions, is the process of chemical reaction according to the predetermined direction, to get qualified reaction products.

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