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Plate heat exchanger consist of high efficiency heat transfer corrugated plate and frame of plates in fixed by bolt clamping pressure plate and activities between the pressure plate, inside the heat exchanger is a lot of flow channel, board with board between rubber sealing clamp plate has the device connected to the external takeover of plates with excellent corrosion resistant metal sheet suppression and become, rushed in and out of the Angle of the hole for medium and four corners have to hang up and down hole herringbone ripple can increase the disturbance of the fluid, the fluid under low speed can reach turbulent state, high heat transfer effect and the use of special structure, guarantee the two fluid does not leak.


Main features of plate heat exchanger:

High heat transfer efficiency: the heat transfer coefficient of plate heat exchanger is generally 3,000-6,000 / m2.k ·, which is 3-5 times of other heat exchangers

Compact structure: small footprint, saving capital investment, maximum effective heat transfer area per unit volume, light weight

Easy to disassemble and wash: disassemble and install on the same day

It can realize pure countercurrent heat transfer: make full use of the temperature difference between two fluids, and the heat recovery rate is up to 95%. It is the most capable to deal with the small temperature difference, which is used for the utilization of low temperature waste heat

Heat exchangers do not require insulation: their heat loss is<1


Zibo Tanglian and Zibo Reliable company manufacture varies of chemical equipment : glass lined reactor, stainless steel reactor, storage tank and heat exchanger.

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