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glass lined reactor

glass lined reactor

We could produce K model and F model products in many kinds,like Glass Lined Reactor,Stainless Steel high pressure reactor,Stainless Steel Tanks,Distallation Tanks,Measure Vessels,Heat Exchangers, double cone dryer, can washer, electronic probe, film evaporator, filter, valve, chemical pipe etc, which are widely used in the Petroleum,Chemical Indurstry Lighe Indurstry,Pesticide,Pharmacy,Dyestuff,the Food Producessing Indurstry and Scientific Research,etc.

The experience and quality of our personnel,the unique composition of our glass,and our exquisite production and quality control systems all ensure the high quality of our products.We have exported to United States,Brazil,India,Korea,South  Africa,Canada,etc.which are more than twenty countries and regions.

Zibo Tanglian and Zibo Reliable company manufacture varies of chemical equipment : glass lined reactor, stainless steel reactor, storage tank and heat exchanger.

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