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Hydrogenation reactor body part and scope of use

The hydrogenation reactor is sold with end-face horse-shaped magnetic stirrer, completely static sealing, no leakage, high temperature resistance, high pressure, high vacuum, high stirring speed, stable operation, low noise, wide application range, simple use and convenient operation. The laboratory is ideal for a variety of stirred reactions.

The hydrogenation reactor is suitable for the reaction of a liquid, a gas and the like having a small viscosity of the reaction material under different reaction conditions, and is not suitable for a stirring reaction in which a medium having a large viscosity or a solid material or a crystal is generated. Mainly used for gas and liquid reactions, gas and gas reactions, liquids and solids. The agitating bearing is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel or ceramic ball bearings.


Hydrogenation reactor sales part of the kettle body

1. The body part consists of a cylinder and upper and lower heads to provide a space for chemical reaction of the material, the volume of which is determined by the production capacity and the chemical reaction requirements of the product.

2. The medium and low pressure cylinders are usually welded by stainless steel plates or carbon steel or cast steel. In order to prevent material corrosion, the inner surface of carbon steel or cast steel may be lined with corrosion resistant materials.

3. The shell body shell can withstand the internal medium pressure and the jacket pressure at the same time, and must be considered separately according to the situation of the internal and external pressure alone, and the strength and stability are calculated separately.

4. For thin-walled cylinders subjected to a large external pressure, a reinforcing ring is provided on the outer surface of the cylinder.


Hydrogenation reactor sales use range

1) Not suitable for alkaline media or materials with a pH greater than 12 and a temperature above 80 °C.

2) It is not suitable for the reaction process in which acid and alkali materials are alternately carried out.

3) The hydrogenation reactor is not suitable for the excessive stress generated during the temperature change, which may cause the porcelain to be damaged and damage the equipment. Therefore, the temperature should be raised or lowered during the use, and the condensation and heat collection should be strictly prevented.

4) Hydrofluoric acid and fluoride-containing media or materials that are not suitable for any concentration and temperature.

5) Not suitable for phosphate media or materials with a concentration greater than 30% and a temperature greater than 180 °C.

glass lined reactor

glass lined reactor

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