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wing type axial flow agitator

Tanglian Chemical equipment offers various of spare parts to help our customers save time of their glass lined equipment. Our glass lined accessories include Glass-lined Agitator, Frame(anchor)|Turbine|Paddle|Combination type
Mechanical Seal Gasket(Stainless steel wave gasket, Gasket with PTFE), Reducer( Indefinite speed variator, Pinwheel cycloid reducer), Split Flange, Clamp, Valve Disk, Sight glass, Glass lined flush valve, Glass-lined pressure indicator, Manhole|Manway cover, Glass-lined Thermometer| thermowell Pocket, Pipe, Glass-lined Fluid Meter

Zibo Tanglian and Zibo Reliable company manufacture varies of chemical equipment : glass lined reactor, stainless steel reactor, storage tank and heat exchanger.

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