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Glass-lined vertical Reactor

glass lined reactor

glass lined reactor

glass lined reactor

Zibo Tanglian Chemical Equipment Co.,Ltd. Was founded in 1998,  and we are professional manufacturer of chemical equipment. Our products include AE&BE&CE glass lined reactors|kettle, GMP glass lined equipment|SS coating,  resistance glass lined mixing tanks, condensers, distillation columns, measurement tanks, storage tanks, heat exchangers, stainless steel tanks, glass lined receivers|vessel, distillation tanks, wiped film evaporators, vacuum dryers, pressure vessel and all kinds of chemical equipment from 5L to 50000L.

They are widely used in the petroleum, chemical, light industry, pesticide, pharmacy, dyestuff, food processing industry and scientific research, etc.

Besides, we can supply all kinds of accessories including agitators, reducers (planetary cycloid pin gear reducer, helical gear reducer, bevel gear reducer, variable speed reducer), pressure indicator, split flange, clamps, mechanical seals, thermometer pockets, flush valves,gasket with PTFE, pipe and so on. The application of the large-scale furnace with temperature auto-control system makes the glaze temperature easily controlled. The products have the advantages of clean surface, stable quality, collapse resistance, pollution and dust influence resistance

Zibo Tanglian and Zibo Reliable company manufacture varies of chemical equipment : glass lined reactor, stainless steel reactor, storage tank and heat exchanger.

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