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  • China's Resumption of work and production

    China has made efforts to reduce the impact of the epidemic on the economy by focusing on the prevention and control of the epidemic and resuming production in the first hand, with precisely planned policy measures and steady and practical actions.

  • Application of enamel reactor

    The applications of enamel reactors is closely related to their performance. It is precisely because of the unique properties of the enamel reactor that combines withstand pressure and corrosion resistance, and its price is much cheaper than that of stainless steel equipment, so the advantages greatly expand the scope of enamel application, so that it can be applied to multiple In the field, the f..

  • Stainless steel reaction tank

    Stainless steel reaction tank

  • Operating steps of stainless steel reactor

    The stainless steel reactor is composed of a kettle body, a kettle cover, a jacket, a stirrer, a transmission device, a shaft sealing device, a support and the like.

  • Glass-lined reactor with acid and alkali resistance

    The acid-resistant bismuth glass-lined reactor is a high-silica-containing glass which is lining the inner surface of a steel container and is firmly adhered to the metal surface by high temperature burning to form a composite product. Therefore, it has the dual advantages of glass stability and metal strength and is an excellent corrosion-resistant device. It has been widely used in chemical, pet..

  • Support of glass lined equipment

    The support leg of the glass lined equipment is necessary. The support part of the bottom part is supported by three or four leg type, which belongs to the floor type support, especially the small glass lined equipment generally has a volume below 500L. One advantage is that there is no need to solder the console, it is convenient to place and move, saving space.

  • Porcelain layer thickness standard of glass lined reactor

    When buying a glass lined reactor, there is a misunderstanding about the thickness of the enamel of thereactor. Many people think that the thicker the enamel equipment, the better, but the fact is not the case.

  • How should the enamel reactor be maintained?

    The enamel reactor has the dual advantages of glass stability and metal strength and is an excellent corrosion-resistant device. Now let's briefly introduce how to carry out maintenance in the use of enamel reactor.

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