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Method of distinguishing between old and new glass lined reactors

1. Check the outer weld joint. If there is any trace of repair on the weld of the glass lined reactor, the surface is a refurbished reactor, or the trace below the kettle body of the glass lined reactor can be observed;

2. If it is a new glass lined reactor, the surface of the glass-lined reactor is smooth after the welding is completed. At most, there will be a little forged imprint, and the refurbished one is very different, although its The surface is also smooth, but there will be rust on the flanges. Even if the rust is removed, obvious traces will be seen;

3. If steam enters into the interlayer of the glass-lined reactor equipment, if it is a new glass-lined reactor, it will be equipped with a steam separation device, so that it will avoid the impact of steam and form porcelain. If the old reactor is refurbished, there will be no possibility of a gas separation device.

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