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Several factors of glass lined destruction in glass lined reactor

The glass lined reactor is made of advanced materials and excellent technology, and its performance is stable.However, it is also a common accident of glass lined damage in the reactor. Today we talk about several factors of glass lined destruction in glass lined reactors.

1. Mechanical damage

If the impact force is too large, it will have a destructive effect on the glass lined, and the hard object will cause the glass lined to break. Therefore, in the use of the glass lined reactor, metal and hard materials should be prevented from falling into the kettle.

2, temperature impact

Since the pre-stress is related to the coefficient of linear expansion and the elongation, the coefficient of linear expansion and the elongation are closely related to the temperature. Therefore, the working temperature of the glass-lined kettle has a great influence on the use of the glass-lined kettle. If the stress generated by the bismuth glass exceeds the stress of its use due to a large temperature change, the bismuth glass will be destroyed. Therefore, the glass crucible is cold and hot, and it is extremely explosive.

3. External force

Improper operation of the operator or knocking with heavy objects can cause damage to the equipment. Therefore, it is not allowed to roll and use the crowbar to avoid vibration and collision. It is strictly forbidden to take stress on vulnerable parts such as pipe clamps and clamps. Regular maintenance inspections of the glass lined reactor are important and kept clean.

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