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What are the conditions for an excellent glass-lined reactor equipment?

What are the conditions for an excellent glass-lined reactor equipment?

First of all, 1. The manufacture of the reducer should meet the requirements of the 92 standard. It shall be welded after the equipment has been burned out;

2. Manhole application manhole high neck flange, high temperature strength, small deformation; 3. Pipe mouth (except mirror hole) should be a flat interface, the purpose is to facilitate piping and repair; 4. Pipe mouth, manhole Should be docked with the head punch. Because the docking structure is very beneficial to the quality of the glass layer; 5. The manhole cover should be an arched cover instead of a flat cover; 6. The glass layer of the flange face of the nozzle and the edge of the high neck flange cannot have Exfoliation and cracking of the piece; 7. The outer shape of the upper ring should be relatively regular, and there should be no obvious forcible assembly marks on the butt joint with the jacket; 8. The lower ring should be U-shaped lower ring; 9. The jacket inlet should be The structure with the hydraulic nozzle 10. The jacket venting hole should fit the 92 mark.

If all meet the above requirements, then this should be considered a good glass-lined reactor equipment.


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