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How to determine the size of the enamel reactor head

With the continuous development of the economy, the actual demand for enamel reactors in the industry is increasing, and its performance is very prominent. In the choice of enamel / reactor head, we need to determine according to the model, the specifications are different, the size is different. So how do you determine the size of the enamel reactor head? Let's listen to industry experts for a detailed introduction.

Enamel reactor heads generally use a standard elliptical head, and the wall thickness of the head is generally the same as the wall thickness of the barrel. In the case of the user's special production process requirements, the head type of the glass-lined reactor can also be a spherical head with a flanged hemming, a hemmed spherical head, a flanged conical head and a flat cap.

 The non-folding spherical head is suitable for containers with a diameter DN of 8000mm or less. Because the diameter is too large, warping deformation is likely to occur during simmering. The flat cover is generally used for DN<500mm. To prevent simmering deformation, the wall thickness should be thicker than other types of heads. The general enamel reactor head should be detachable, which can facilitate the maintenance and repair of the equipment. When the head is detachable, the diameter should be greater than 1200mm, and generally 300mm × 400mm long round manhole. If the head cannot be removed, the diameter of the manhole should be greater than or equal to 600mm. Of course, if there is a stirrer in the enamel reactor, the size of the manhole should be determined according to factors such as the diameter of the agitation.

 According to industry experts engaged in the R&D and production of glass-lined reaction tanks, the axis of the nozzle connected to the outside should be parallel to the axis of the container. For the nozzle on the head, such as manholes, hand holes, etc., the axis and The head is in the normal direction. The opening position should not be in the transition area of the head, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly, and the spacing between adjacent nozzles should not be too close. Adjacent welds should be staggered and separated as far as possible. For the reinforcement of the opening on the head, it should be determined according to the diameter of the opening and the operating pressure, which is generally achieved by increasing the wall thickness. In the case where the operating pressure is not high, it is not necessary to reinforce at the opening. The number of nozzles of the enamel reactor should be as small as possible, as long as the conditions of use are met. Generally, the number of nozzles with a diameter of 600mm or less should not exceed 5 holes, and the diameter of 700-1000mm should not exceed 7 holes. The diameter of the nozzle should be more than 8 holes with a diameter of 1200mm or more. Do one hole and use more, try to reduce the number of nozzles


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