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Glass-lined tube heat exchanger

The glass-lined tube heat exchanger is currently the most widely used heat exchanger in chemical and alcohol production. It is mainly composed of a shell, a tube sheet, a heat exchange tube, a head, a baffle plate and the like.

The required materials can be made of ordinary carbon steel, copper or stainless steel. In the chemical and pharmaceutical industry production lines, there are heat exchange processes such as cooling, condensation, heating, and boiling. These must be selected according to the type of liquid, operating conditions, etc., so that the material of the machine construction meets the needs of production work.

 The glass-lined tube heat exchanger produced by Zibo Yulian Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. has excellent performances such as high corrosion resistance, high thermal efficiency, good cooling effect, small size and so on. This heat exchanger is used in combination with reactors and various other chemical equipment to make a significant contribution to saving customers' energy.

Features of glass-lined tube condenser: (1) High corrosion resistance (2) Excellent non-adhesive property, easy to clean (3) Small volume, small footprint Compared with other glass-lined tube heat exchangers, This heat exchanger occupies the least amount of land per unit of heat exchange area, which makes the entire production equipment small and economical. The types of glass-lined tube heat exchangers are also quite abundant, such as fixed tube plate type, floating head type, stuffing box type, U-shaped tube type, eddy current hot film, baffle baffle, multi-shell process, etc., of course, different types The role is different. For customers who need to order, if you have special requirements, you can explain the situation with us. Our company will tailor the equipment according to your situation.

 One of the most critical steps in the use of glass-lined tube heat exchangers is to test leaks, and there are more than one method for leak testing, so what are the methods for leak testing? There are three methods for leak detection: non-destructive testing of heat exchangers for tubes and tubes, methods for water leak testing, and methods for nitrogen leak testing.


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