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Stainless steel reaction tank

The application fields of stainless steel reaction tanks are becoming more and more extensive. The gas-liquid reaction and absorption of stainless steel reaction tanks are widely used in the four main fields of the chemical industry. The stainless steel reaction tank is briefly introduced as follows.

(1) liquid phase reaction process; oxidation, hydrogenation, sulfonation, nitration, halogenation, alkaneization and polymerization.

(2) Gas washing and purification: washing and purification of carbon dioxide such as di-carbonized carbon, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen, and oxygen.

(3) Pure product manufacturing: sulfuric acid, nitric acid, barium carbonate, adipic acid, nitrate and phosphorus salt.

(4) Biological systems: fermentation, sewage x, production of proteins from hydrocarbons and biological oxidation.

The stainless steel reaction tank stirred tank for performing gas-liquid reaction is conventionally referred to as a stirred bubbling tank in which gas is diffused, convected, and reacted in a liquid phase by a stirred liquid layer in a bubbling form.


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