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Glass-lined reactor with acid and alkali resistance

The acid-resistant bismuth glass-lined reactor is a high-silica-containing glass which is lining the inner surface of a steel container and is firmly adhered to the metal surface by high temperature burning to form a composite product. Therefore, it has the dual advantages of glass stability and metal strength and is an excellent corrosion-resistant device. It has been widely used in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, pesticide, food and other industries. In order to ensure the normal use of acid and alkali-resistant glass reactor equipment, the main performance and installation and use precautions are as follows:

Acid and alkali resistant glass-lined reactor

1. Thickness of enamel glass layer: The thickness of the glass layer of the acid-resistant bismuth glass reactor equipment is 0.8-2.0mm; the glass thickness of the glass-lined equipment accessory is 0.6-2.3mm.

2. Withstand voltage: The acid and alkali resistant glass reactor has good insulation. The thickness of the glass layer is within the specified thickness. When the glass layer is inspected with 20KV high frequency electric spark, the working surface is not conductive.

3, corrosion resistance: can withstand various concentrations of inorganic acids, organic acids, organic solvents and weak alkali corrosion (hydrofluoric acid, fluoride-containing medium, concentration ≥ 180 ° C concentrated phosphoric acid and strong alkali).

4, non-stick: a smooth and clean surface, not suitable for smearing materials, very suitable for food and easy to smear materials.

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