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How should the enamel reactor be maintained?

The enamel reactor has the dual advantages of glass stability and metal strength and is an excellent corrosion-resistant device. Now let's briefly introduce how to carry out maintenance in the use of enamel reactor.

1.Notice the sound of the reducer and the motor. Check the temperature of each part of the reducer, motor, and bearing: general temperature 40 °C, maximum temperature 60 °C (the back of the hand can stay for more than 8 seconds is normal).

2.Please check the gear reducer frequently for oil leakage, whether the shaft seal is intact, whether the oil pump is oiled, check the oil level and oil quality in the gearbox, and whether the oil in the enamel reactor is sealed in the oil tank, if necessary, add up Or update the corresponding oil.

3.Check whether the safety devices such as safety valves, explosion-proof membranes, pressure gauges, thermometers, etc. are accurate and sensitive, whether the safety valves and pressure gauges have been verified, and the seals are intact, whether the red line of the pressure gauge is correctly drawn, and whether the explosion-proof membrane is leaky.

4.Always listen to the abnormal vibration and sound in the enamel reaction kettle.

5.Keep the stirring shaft clean and see the light. Check the shaft of the round nut to check whether the rotating direction of the stirring shaft rotates clockwise. Reverse rotation is strictly prohibited.

6.Regularly check the accessories in the pot, such as stirring and coil, and tighten the loose bolts and replace the relevant parts if necessary.

7.Check whether all the inlet and outlet valves of the enamel reactor are in good condition and must be disposed of in time if there is any problem.

8.Check the flanges and base of the enamel reactor for loose bolts, and whether the safety shield is intact and reliable.

9.Check the enamel reactor body for cracks, deformation, bulging, perforation, corrosion, leakage, etc., heat preservation, paint, etc. are not complete, with or without falling off, burning.

10.Do a good job in equipment hygiene to ensure no oil polution.


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