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Instruction of the glass lined agitator

The glass lined agitator is produced by firing at a high temperature of about 900 ° C to adhere the corrosion-resistant glass frit to the metal surface. It has good corrosion resistance, smooth surface, wear resistance, and has certain thermal stability. It is widely used in chemical, metallurgical rubber, petroleum and other industries.

Pay attention to the following items during the use of the glass lined agitator:

1. When using the glass lined agitator for the first time, first check whether the accessories included in the instrument are complete, such as stirrer, power cord, etc., according to the instrument manual;

2. The speed should be gradually adjusted to high speed from low speed, it is best not to start directly at high speed, so as to avoid the stirrer is not synchronized, causing beating;

3. The glass lined agitator cannot be heated without stirring, and should be cut off when not working.

4. The glass lined agitator should be kept clean and dry, especially not to allow the solution to enter the machine;

5. If the stirrer of the agitator is beaten or not stirred during mixing, please check if the beaker is stable and the position is positive;

6. Medium speed operation can extend the service life of the agitator;

7. It is best to connect the ground wire when using an glass lined agitator.微信图片_20180830152148.jpg

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