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How to prevent static electricity in enamel reactor?

When the material is processed in the enamel reactor, static electricity is generated due to the reaction of the material, causing certain damage to the equipment and causing certain dangers. So, how should we prevent static electricity in our daily use?

1. Avoid mixing and co-transporting of water and enamel reaction vessel medium, avoiding co-transmission of different media, avoiding co-transfusion of liquid medium, oil and gas, etc. The storage tank should be dehydrated in time, paying special attention to dehydration before feeding.

2, bridging, the floating roof of the enamel reactor and the tank wall should be connected. Pipes and valves, tanks, etc. should be bridged when insulating materials or corrosion are used.

3. Control the flow rate of the medium. The higher the flow rate, the easier it is to generate static electricity. The smaller the flow rate, the less likely it is to generate static electricity.

4. Control the medium injection method. The media should be injected from the bottom of the tank to avoid injecting media from the top of the tank. If it is missing to inject the medium from the top of the tank, the discharge outlet of the pipe should be inserted into the tank to a depth of 0.2 m from the bottom of the tank.

5. Grounding. The storage tank and the isolated body of the enamel reaction kettle should be grounded, and the lightning protection grounding common grounding body can be used.

6. Fill with inert protective gas. In the tank, it is filled with nitrogen gas to reduce the nitrogen content in the tank, and the explosive mixture gas cannot be formed on the oil surface of the tank. Even if an electrostatic discharge spark is generated in the tank, the tank can be safely secured.

7. Add antistatic additives. The addition of antistatic additives greatly increases the conductivity of the medium, so that the static charge inside the medium cannot accumulate, and quickly leaks to the ground by bridging the ground.


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