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Precautions before entering the glass-lined reactor tank

In order to operate the glass-lined reactor tank smoothly, the glass-lined reactor tank should be inspected regularly, and it is necessary to repair the equipment after the porcelain surface is removed. The following work must be done before entering the glass-lined reactor tank.

1. The construction of the tank must be monitored by the guardian throughout the process, and remedial measures should be taken early if problems are found;

2. Close all the feeding valves and disconnect the valve from the feeding tube to add a blind plate to prevent the material from entering the tank during the filling;

3. Learn more about the safety situation of the production workshop and the hazards that toxic and harmful gases may cause to people in a certain period of time, and prepare for protection and strain;

4. Thoroughly clean the glass-lined reaction tank to prevent the gas and residual materials generated by material decomposition from harming the human body;

5. Turn off the motor that drives the stirring and turn it off and send a special person to take care of it or remove the V-belt to prevent the mistaken power transmission and cause the stirring rotation to hurt the operator in the tank;

6. When grinding, be sure to wear protective glasses and avoid the front of the repairing part to prevent the glass layer from damaging the face of the eye;

7. Enter the equipment that has used highly toxic materials, remove the forced ventilation, wear a gas mask, and wear a seat belt to find the bad symptoms. The guardian should immediately pull out the canister.

8. Measure the flammable and toxic gases and replace the air in the tank to prevent the gas in the reaction tank from damaging the human body. If necessary, wear a gas mask under the can and forced ventilation.


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