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How to control the temperature to prevent enamel reaction kettle explosion

There are many reasons for the blasting of enamel reaction kettle , one of which is due to improper temperature control during use. The enamel reaction kettle  is a corrosion-resistant composite material formed by burning at a high temperature of 900 ° C or higher in an electric furnace and cooling the slab and the slab of the reaction vessel.

Although the mature simmering process makes us become the most closely combined products, due to the nature of enamel and steel plate itself, the enamel expansion coefficient and elongation are smaller than that of steel plates, and the enamel porcelain layer after cooling The amount of deformation is less than the amount of deformation of the steel sheet, and the enamel is restrained by the steel sheet to generate compressive stress.

Thus, since the prestress is related to the coefficient of linear expansion and the elongation, the coefficient of linear expansion and the elongation are closely related to the external temperature. If the temperature changes too much, the stress generated by the enamel exceeds the stress of use, which causes the enamel layer to explode. Porcelain phenomenon.




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