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The difference between enamel reactor and stainless steel reactor

The main difference between the enamel reactor and the stainless steel reactor is the structure and uses: the enamel reactors main part is carbon steel steel structure, and the enamel is burned by a special process. The main body and interior of the stainless steel reactor are made of stainless steel. The difference in use is that enamel is used for strong acid and alkali materials.

Stainless steel cannot be used for materials with strong acid and alkali. Stainless steel will be corroded by the material or chemically reacted with stainless steel to produce substances that affect the quality of the material. So one of the differences between the two is that the use is different.

The characteristics of the enamel reactor and the stainless steel reactor are also different. Stainless steel reaction kettle Impact resistance Wear resistance High temperature The price is more expensive. Enamel reactors are resistant to impact, abrasion, high temperature and moderate price. The reactor is made of stainless steel and is mainly used for pressure and organic chemical synthesis. Fine chemical industries such as coatings, adhesives, pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, etc. Enamel materials are generally used in the manufacture of pesticides and industries that are corrosive to steel.

glass lined reactor

glass lined reactor

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