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Partial damage repair methods for glass lined vessel

The simplest and most feasible way to repair the glass lined vessel is a suitable wear-resistant anti-corrosion coating for the Partial damage. The high-temperature glass lined vessel repair agent selected by the factory is a high-performance wear-resistant anti-corrosive polymer material obtained by compounding ultra-fine ceramic powder and modified toughened heat-resistant resin. Specially used for the repair and protection of glass lined reactor lining breakage, it can effectively resist the erosion and erosion of acid (including hydrofluoric acid), alkali and materials.

Product Features:

1. It has high bonding strength with metal and enamel substrates;


2, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, erosion resistance.


3. Consistent with the thermal expansion coefficient of metal enamel


How to use glass lined repair agent:

1. Surface treatment: roughing the parts to be treated, grinding or sandblasting the angle grinder; cleaning the roughened surface; the treated surface should be roughened and dry fresh substrate surface, and should No oil, no dust.


2. Preparation: Mix the A and B components in a weight ratio of 5:1 and use up within 30 minutes. When the temperature is too low, the A component can be properly heated to lower the viscosity for easy configuration.

3. Coating: A suitable coating thickness is 1 to 3 mm. The mixed material is applied layer by layer to the part to be repaired, and the first layer is compacted so as to be fully wetted with the substrate; after the coating is applied to the size, the surface layer is smoothed.


4. Curing: It can be put into use after curing at 25 °C for 24 hours (if it can be heated to 120 °C for 4 hours, it can increase the comprehensive performance by 30%). When the temperature is lower than 10 °C, it should be heated or extended to promote curing (winter) The construction can be steamed or heated in the jacket to raise the temperature to 100 ° C or more to keep warm.



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