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Options of mechanical seal of glass lined reactor

Glass lined reactor has won the favor and trust of more and more customers with its excellent corrosion resistance and low price. The glass lined reactor is a pressure vessel and equipped with a stirring system, so it is combined with the reaction kettle. The choice of mechanical seal is particularly important for sealing, safe use, cost savings, etc. The following recommendations are made on how to choose the right mechanical seal.

First of all, we must clarify the basis of the seal selection: the first is the working pressure in the kettle, and the second is the nature of the working materials. There is also a common standard for glass lined reactor operating temperatures not exceeding 200 degrees.

Secondly, it is necessary to clarify the type of seal used in the enamel reactor: the seal used in the glass lined reactor is generally called the shaft seal. The first is the packing seal, the second is the mechanical seal, and the mechanical seal is divided into a single machine seal (ie, a single end face). Mechanical seal) and double machine seal (ie double mechanical seal), the complete set of single machine seal also includes glass water jacket, double machine seal is more complicated, water removal jacket (requires circulating cooling water), also includes supporting brackets, Balance tanks, pressure gauges, etc.

Thirdly, how to choose the right mechanical seal: Under normal temperature and pressure, the material is not volatile, it is not flammable and explosive. Under the conditions of use, it is necessary to choose packing seal; in the pressure less than 4 kg, the material is volatile and flammable and explosive. Under the conditions, it is necessary to choose a single machine seal; in the working pressure of more than 4 kg (but less than 10 kg), the material is volatile and flammable and explosive, the use of double machine seal must be selected.

Fouthly, advantages and disadvantages of various mechanical seals: Packing seals are cheaper, but only suitable for more common conditions and materials; single-machine seals are moderately priced and can be used under most conditions of use; dual-machine seals are more expensive but work in demanding conditions must be used under the conditions.


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