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Mechanical seal installation steps of glass lined reactor

The steps for installing the mechanical seal of the glass lined reactor are as follows:

Firstly, please check the quality of the mechanical seal (whether there are scratches on the end faces of the moving and stationary rings)

Wipe off the O-ring of the moving ring and the foreign matter on the moving and static ring with a clean soft cloth, and apply a small amount of oil on the surface according to the requirements of the medium in the tank.

Use a spirit level and a dial gauge to review the level of the mechanical seal static ring, the verticality of the agitator shaft seal section, and correct to the specified requirements.

Install the fixed mechanical seal base and the fixing ring, and adjust the hexagonal set screws of the fixing ring on the stirring shaft to make the spring of the mechanical seal evenly force, and ensure that the moving and static ring end faces of the mechanical seal are tightly combined to be assembled and completed.

If there is a balance tank set on the frame as required, connect the inlet and outlet of the sealing liquid and the mechanical seal, connect the nitrogen bottle, the pressure reducer and the balance tank, and test the static pressure to meet the requirements and then connect the water jacket. Pass the cooling water to test the whole machine.

When the temperature of the medium in the glass lined reactor tank is below 80 °C, the model of cooling and refueling in the cooling tank should not affect the quality of the material in the tank. Generally, it should have high heat of vaporization, clean without any impurities, and have good lubrication. Features. When the medium temperature is higher than 80 ° C, the bottom cooling water jacket and the cooling tank are subjected to circulating water cooling.

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