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Why does the batch reactor makes an abnormal sound

The operation of the batch reactor is coordinated by the various components of the equipment. Therefore, when there is abnormal noise in the batch reactor, there are many problems that may occur. Today, several reasons for the abnormal noise of the batch reactor are analyzed.

1. Abnormal noise caused by bearing damage.

2. Looseness of the glass mixer.

3. The mixing shaft is bent and deformed.

4. Tank or lining drum kit, production should be stopped immediately after this situation, because this is a major failure of the glass-lined reactor, should be promptly looking for professional maintenance personnel to repair.

5. Loose bolts will cause the coupling to sound loud or vibrate. The solution is to tighten the coupling bolts.

In fact, for experienced masters or maintenance personnel, you can accurately determine which component has a problem by listening to the abnormal sound. In production, finding problems and solving problems in a timely manner is a responsible performance for the company. Of course, it can be done in a nuanced manner during each regular inspection, and it is also a way to avoid problems in the enamel reactor. If you encounter something you don't understand during the operation , please contact us.


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