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How to clean the glass lined reactor

For the methods of cleaning the glass lined reactor, it must be strictly in accordance with certain requirements.

 First, there are many points of attention in the chemical cleaning process, and the reagents cannot be used indiscriminately. In the actual operation process, it is necessary to clearly define the dirt of the equipment. Then it is sampled and analyzed, experimented, and then passed through a certain detergent to see if it will react with the equipment, etc. If you can get a good grasp of the amount of use, there is still a very high cleaning effect between the short cleaning time. But if it is chemical cleaning, the damage to the glass lined reactor is great.

Secondly, mechanical cleaning is more common in practical applications. In the middle of the actual application, some high-pressure cleaning devices are mainly used to complete the corresponding cleaning work. Compared to the above method, the strength of cleaning is slightly lower. However, in the middle of practical applications, the degree of cleaning is much simpler than the above.

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