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Basic operation steps of glass-lined equipment

Glass-lined equipment must follow the correct way of operation and basic maintenance methods, which is good for the glass-lined equipment and prolong its service life. The basic procedures for some operations are described below:

1. Please carefully check the pipelines and valves related to the reactor before use, and ensure that the materials are in compliance with the feeding conditions.

2. Check if the reducer, the stirring motor, the machine seal are normal or not, whether the oil level of the reducer is appropriate, and the cooling water of the machine seal is supplied normally or not.

3. Make sure there is no abnormality, start stirring and input the material in the specified amount. The glass-lined equipment more than 10 m3 or the reactor with the bottomed bearing is strictly prohibited from running dry, and the bottom bearing can be opened when the submerged bearing is immersed under the liquid surface.

4.The steps need to be strictly operated during the process operating procedures, pay close attention to the temperature and pressure inside the reactor and the jacket pressure of the reactor, prohibiting over-temperature and overpressure.

5.During the reaction process, inspections should be carried out and problems should be discovered in a timely manner.

6.If over-temperature occurs, immediately cool down with water. The temperature after cooling should meet the process requirements.

7.If overpressure occasion occurs, open the vent valve immediately. Emergency pressure relief is necesarry.

8.Parking: If the power is stopped due to power failure, the feeding should be stopped; if the power is cut off during the feeding, the feeding should be stopped, the vent valve should be opened, and the water should be cooled. For long-term parking, the residual liquid in the kettle should be cleaned, and the bottom valve, feed valve, inlet valve, discharge valve, etc. should be closed.


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