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Methods of detecting glass-lined reactor

The glass-lined reactor is a high-silica-containing glass which is lining the inner surface of a carbon steel container and is firmly adhered to the metal surface by a high-temperature seven-time burning to form a composite product. Therefore, it is an excellent corrosion-resistant device. So what is the detection methods for the glass-lined reactor?

Before testing, the welded joint should be qualified according to the shape, size and appearance requirements, and the non-specified shape image on the film can not cover or interfere with the defect image, therefore, the inspection parts should stop the necessary finishing.

Type A and B welded joints of type III glass-lined reactor pressure vessels with pressures greater than or equal to 1.6 MPa shall be stopped from 100% X-ray testing or recorded ultrasonic testing, including pipes of nominal diameter greater than or equal to 250 mm.

In addition to the above rules, partial X-ray testing or ultrasonic testing shall be stopped for A and B welded joints of glass -lined pressure vessel equipment, including butt welds of pipes of nominal diameter greater than or equal to 250mm. The location of the inspection parts shall be stopped according to the drawing.

glass lined reactor

glass lined reactor

glass lined reactor

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