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Assemble, utilization and maintenance of glass lined equipment

Assemble, utilization and maintenance of glass lined equipment

1. Before lifting, glass lined equipment's surface should be carefully checked for performance. If entering is needed, runnrt sole shoes must be worn lest the surface are damaged. For any lifting and transportation, only handles can be used. The glass lined surfaces, union parts and fasteners are not allowed impact, and whole equipment can not be rolled of prized by tommy bar

2. While tightening fastening, forces should be applied symmetrically and uniformly in order to damage enamel surface because of partical over stress. For the purpose of good sealing, hot water should be slowly snet into equipment, then tightening fasteners when rubber gaskets soften.

3. Welding on the outer wall of the equipment is strictly forbidden.

4. All gasket and shim material should be chosen according to media and temperature in reaction(gaskets and shims fitted in euqipment are as general conditions)

5. While installing agitator, radial clearance in sealing section of shaft has to be adjusted to minium and reversion and drop of agitator should be avoided.

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