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What are the standards and current status of the glass-lined reactor (reaction tank)

What national standards are there for glass-lined reactors (reaction tanks)? 69 mark 79 mark 92 mark 93 mark 98 mark The most commonly used should be 79 marks and 92 marks (DIN28136). The glass-lined reactor has so many standards. What is the current situation?

 Although there are standards for glass-lined reactors, including stirring and interfaces, many manufacturers use their own set of dimensions for their own benefit. Of course, they are similar to the standard, but they are not compatible with other manufacturers. This makes it difficult to unite with others such as reducers and racks that are connected to the kettle. At the same time, maintenance is also a big problem. Parts are not matched and local maintenance cannot be performed. If manufacturers have problems after the sale, they will delay production and cause accidents.


  Therefore, we must remind our friends that when choosing a glass-lined reaction vessel (reaction tank), we must conduct field visits and select a qualified manufacturer. Do not covet for a little cheaper and cause unnecessary losses.

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