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Installation and application of enamel chemical reactor

Enamel Reactor Usage Range Installation Notes:

First, the scope of use of Zibo enamel enamel reactor

    In order to ensure the normal service life of the enamel reactor, the enamel reactor is not suitable for the reaction of the following media or materials.

Polymerization, storage, heat transfer and other chemical processes.

1) Hydrofluoric acid and media or materials containing fluoride ions of any concentration and temperature.

2) Phosphoric acid medium or material with a concentration greater than 30% and a temperature greater than 180°C.

3) Alkaline media or materials with a pH greater than 12 and a temperature higher than 80°C.

4) Reaction process of alternating acid and alkali materials.

Enamel reactor, glass reactor

 5) When the temperature of the enamel reactor changes, an excessive stress will cause the porcelain to burst and damage the equipment.

During use, the temperature should be raised or cooled to prevent poly heat accumulation.

Second, enamel reactor installation precautions

1) Before the installation of the equipment, it is necessary to check whether all components are complete, and if any are defective, replace them in time.

2) During the installation process, strict crowbars, hand hammers, etc. shall be in direct contact with the impact enamelware to prevent damage to the enamel lining.

3) The supports and rings that can only be used in the lifting process of the equipment are subjected to force, and no takeovers, clamps, nozzles, etc. are allowed.

The weak parts are subjected to force, so that they must be lightly put in order to avoid collision with the town, and it is even more important not to hammer the can body.

4) Before installation, the enamel surface of the equipment should be cleaned with water. Check whether the glass lining is in clean rubber shoes.


5) Fastening of equipment flanges and pipe joints should follow the principle of chemical vessel installation and require symmetrical and uniform operation.

Tighten to avoid damage to the enamel surface due to excessive local force. Lost gaskets found during disassembly

Elasticity should be replaced in time.

6) The clamp of the equipment is one of the main pressure elements. In addition to the uniform force required during the installation, it should also be protected.

To prove its quality and quantity, it must not be installed or reduced.

Enamel reaction vessel, glass-lined reaction vessel 7) The sight glass mounted on the reaction vessel is a kind of brittle material. In addition to ensuring uniform fastening during installation, the pressing force

Should not be too large. If partial leakage should be added to plug the biased pad to avoid excessive fragmentation caused by excessive local force.

8) The installation of the enamel reactor agitator should pay attention to the assembly of loose parts such as locking pins or locknuts, and check the agitation.

Whether the direction of rotation of the mixer is consistent with the direction shown in the figure, so as to prevent the stirrer from falling off and smashing the liner during operation.

9) If metal components are placed on the enamel reactor, only the outer surface of non-enameled parts such as jackets may be welded.

The speed should be faster and corresponding cooling measures should be taken. Welding at the nozzle, entrance, and flange should be strictly covered.

Cover each nozzle to prevent spatter from damaging the enamel surface.

10) After the equipment is installed, it is necessary to carefully inspect the various components and tanks, and confirm that there are no mistakes before making a trial run.

Three, enamel reactor used in the process of attention

1) The materials added to the equipment should not exceed the nominal capacity, nor should it be allowed to add a small amount of material or empty cans for heating. Material addition

Into the equipment should be strictly entrapped block metal or debris, for the bulk of hard materials added after crushing. Minimize

The temperature difference between the material and the tank wall to avoid cold tank heating or hot tank cold material. ;

2) When using a jacketed enamel reactor, heating or cooling should be performed slowly. When using steam heating, the jacket

The first pass 0.1Mpa of steam to maintain the pressure for 15min, until it reaches the operating pressure, but shall not exceed the design pressure.

Enamel reactor, glass-lined reaction vessel 3) The operating temperature range of the enamel reactor under design pressure is 0~200°.

4) Avoid using iron rods and shovels to stir in the equipment. If it is really needed, use wood sticks and bamboo strips to operate.

5) The winged thermometer sleeve inside the enamel reactor can be adjusted to any angle within the range of 0~90° according to the process requirements.

In order to obtain different resistances, the adjustment angle should be carried out in shutdown.

6) The lubricating fluid (seal fluid) in the mechanical seal chamber should be clean and must not be entrained with solid particles.

Fourth, the enamel reactor maintenance and maintenance

1) Establish equipment use and maintenance system to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

2) Regularly check the enamel lining, transmission parts, and sealing conditions. If abnormalities are found, they should be dealt with promptly.

3) If the material adhered to the enamel surface is clear, use wood, bamboo, plastic or other non-metallic appliances for clarity.

It is forbidden to use metal appliances.

4) Fill the transmission parts and discharge valve screw lubrication fluid frequently to ensure good operation.

5) The equipment should be kept clean. The dirt and iron oxide in the jacket will affect the heat transfer effect. It is best to clean it once a month.

6) If the scale remover is used in the jacket, it should be completed in a short time, and then rinse the jacket with clean water.

7) To remove the stirrer, first check if the locknut on the spindle is secure and use a soft pad under the stirrer.

Directly touch the stirrer, then unload the coupling, seal it, and unload it.

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