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Is the enamel layer of glass lined equipment thicker better?

    Concerning the wrong understanding of enamel layer thickness, customers think the enamel layer is thicker better. In fact, it is not that.

    According to the enamel standard, the enamel layer thickness of glass lined reactor and other glass lined equipment is 0.8mm-2mm, which refers to the final enamel thickness after burning. As per the special requirements of designer, the enamel layer thickness of product is controllable, particularly at present, the surface quality of the steel plate is constantly improving, the repeated repair of local explosion is rare.

    In term of glass lined equipment. The thickness of enamel layer is thinner better. As the enamel layer thins, its brittleness decreases and its toughness increases, not only the thermal resistance decreases during heat transfer, but also the impact resistance of temperature difference is improved. Therefore, in the choice of enamel equipment, thin layer of enamel is better than thick. However, for enamel layer shouldn’t lower than 0.8mm. The standard setting of the enamel layer thickness is 0.8mm, which means that: after 20KV high-voltage electric spark test, the depth of damaged layer is 0.4mm. While the remaining 0.4mm thickness of enamel layer can be used for 10 years by theoretical calculation in the case of corrosion resistance of general medium.

    So do not say that my material is very corrosive to use a thicker layer of enamel!


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