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Why can it be used to produce chemicals?

    First, we can start with its raw material.

    The glass-lined container is mainly composed of carbon steel and glass-lined. The first reason is the mass material needs to be finished in a big container, so we use the carbon steel that price is lower than other and hardness is strong. The second reason is the material needs to be put in a corrosion resistance container when the material occurs chemical reaction, so glass lining with the high silicon content is sprayed on the surface of carbon steel. After being fired at 900℃, the glass is coated on the carbon steel surface.

    It can be seen from the raw material, the glass-lined container has the hardness of carbon steel and corrosion resistance of inorganic nonmetallic material and after the fire, the surface is smooth and has certain thermal stability and good chemical stability. Therefore, it meets the conditions for chemical production.


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