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The composition of enamels

    Zibo Tanglian Chemical Equipment Ltd.Co manufacture four series of open-type glass lined reactorclosed-type glass lined reactorvertical storage vesselhorizontal storage vessel and more than 90 specifications and more than 200 varieties. Various non-standard glass lined reactorstainless steel pressure reactor and metal carbon steel alloy pressure reactor are designed to produce.

    Enamel( inorganic vitreous material) of glass lined reactor: the raw material of enamel include three main categories: chemical raw materialsmineral raw materials and pigment raw materials.

    Chemical raw materials are component of enamel, it mainly include: Na2B4O710H2ONaNo3Na2Co3Li2Co3CaCo3MgOZnOTiO2Sb2O3ZrO2CoONiOMnO2Fe2O3 etc.

    Pigment raw material refer to the material used to decorate the color of enamel. A total of blackbluebrowngraygreenpinkwhiteyellow etc. Enamel is made of the above three raw materials according to a certain proportion(different with the manufacturer), after 1200℃ of high temperature melting and after a sharp cooling into granular or flake borosilicate vitreous. It is divided into bottom glazesurface glazeedge glaze and decorative glaze according to the technological properties; according to the different base material,it is divided into steel plate glazecast iron glazecopper enamelaluminum enamelstainless steel enamel.

    Mineral raw materials is the main component of enamel and occupies a large proportion (different with different manufacturers at home and abroad),which mainly include: feldspar(silicate of alkali metal or alkaline earth metal, commonly used potassium feldspar-K2OAI2O36SiO2)quartz(mainly composed of silica-SiO2)clay( aluminosilicate mineral containing water, mainly AI2O36SiO2 and crystalline water)


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