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Corrosion Resistance Solutions

    In the production process of chemical、pharmaceutical、food、petroleum industries have a series of corrosion materials reaction、mixing .So,it is firmly strict for equipment requirements of production process required.

(1) Glass lined solution

Glass lined meet the requirements of harsh corrosive and high purity processes in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries,can withstand various concentrations of inorganic acids、organic acidsorganic solvents and weak bases, and meet the non-stickiness of raw materials to equipment in the food industry.

(2) Active metals solution

Active metal equipment is made of various high corrosion resistance alloys.Such as stainless steelzirconiumtantalumtitanium.They have high corrosion resistanceatmospheric corrosion resistancehigh temperature resistance.Meet the requirements of the foodpharmaceutical industry for the environment.

(3) Polymer solution

Polymer as a supplement and alternative to glass lined, PTFE、PFAFEP and other polymer or fluorinated polymer solutions are available.The corrosion resistance of these polymer solutions is similar to that of glass lined “anti-stick” and high-purity applications, and the polymer can be lined inside the equipment to achieve double corrosion resistance.

    Therefore, in the process of design, for the production process of pressuretemperaturePH and other detail to be strictly determined so as to prevent equipment damage.

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