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What are the factors affecting the price of the glass lined reactor?(1)

There is a great demand for glass lined reactors in the market because of the large demand, some people would like to know the price of the equipment and other issues, what are the factors affecting the price of glass lined reactors? The factors that affect the price of glass lined reactors are:

1) The main factor that affect the price of glass lined reactors is the price of raw materials for manufacturing equipment. As we all know, the main production material of the reactor are steel and enamel, so the domestic steel price directly affected the price of glass lined reactor. If the domestic steel price is in rising stage, then the reactor price is also rising. The enamel price also affects the equipment price, when the enterprise need to purchase glass lined reactor should seriously research the quotation that it is given by enterprise that produce equipment. If the price is obviously lower than the market average price, the quality of this equipment certainly not up to standard, because no enterprise will do loss-making business.



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