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How are enamel reactors classified?

    Enamel reactor, as its name implies, is a pot for various chemical and physical reactions. It has many kinds, such as the glass lined reactorstainless steel reactorelectric heating reactorjacket reactor and so on. Many kinds of people will be confused , how to classify the reactorTo sum up briefly, the reactor has the following categories:

    According to material can be divided into: glass lined reactorstainless steel reactorcarbon steel reactorlined plastic reactorlined teflon reactorenamel glass reactor and other categories.

    According to the pressure requirements can be divided into: high pressure reactorpressure reactor and atmospheric pressure reactor.

    According to heating mode can be divided into: steam heating reactorheat conduction oil heating reactorelectric heating reactorfar infrared heating reactor.

    According to the structure can be divided into: open flat-cover reactoropen butt welding flange reactor and close type reactor.


Closed type reactor

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