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Application procedure of industrial repair agent(2)

The use method of industrial repair agent is very simple, the basic process steps are:  surface treatment→preparation of repair agent→coating→curing→machining.

5) Blending material: use different blending rods to hold 2211Fmaterial from the barrel separately, mix at 2:1 ratio, and stir well until the two colors are reconciled into one color.

6) Coating material: the first layer should be thin, to ensure bonding and covering, and then evenly apply the material to the entire repair surface, to ensure that fill and leave processing allowance.

7) Curing: Fully curing for 24 hours/24℃. The curing time is reduced by half for each 11℃ lift , but the lifting temperature shall not exceed the withstand temperature of the material.(The above refers to the temperature of the material itself, not the ambient temperature)

8) Installation:Taking the method of hot bear shaft for installation. Repair parts can’t be knock and impact.

Using industrial repair agent for equipment repair, some points need pay special attention to in each step, and mastering them is the key to success.


Enamel on bottom surface is damaged

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