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The safety of the stainless steel reactor

Safety rules should always be keep in mind, not careless. Now let’s discuss the safety of the stainless steel reactor.

1、First check whether the stainless steel reactor installation has been installed, it must be installed in a strongstable work table, as for the height of the table,according to different customer’s different work situation to measure. Don’t fill your work area, make sure there’s room at the counter for future installation and protection.

2、In the installation process of the stainless steel reactor, the required shaft and the horizontal plane of the ground are as straight as possible, less than 1/1000of the total height of the equipment.

3、The self-provided parts and safety valves on each process of the equipment must be equipped in accordance with the professional regulations of the stainless steel reactor.

4、After the device operation end of the stainless steel reactor, must carefully check the various connection parts of the reactor and whether transmission position is strong.


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